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 For help with the Affinity registration system call 888-211-3444.


 New Age Group Policy

US Youth Soccer has required a nationwide change in the age groups and players will now be sorted by calendar years, with the age deadline of December 31st.

How do I know which age group my player belongs in?

The "U" in the age groups stands for "under", so whatever age your player will turn in 2018 is the age group they are in for the 2017-2018 year.  (ie.- my player turns 12 on her birthday in 2018 so she is U12 this fall and next spring). 

Players can "Play Up" one year but should only do so if there is confidence they can compete against players one year older.  Players can never "Play Down".


Registration Fees

$100 includes the Fall and Spring seasons, full uniform (shirt, shorts & socks), and a ball.

$80 for spring only (shirt, shorts & socks).




 $10 Early Registration Discount is valid 4/16-5/15

 $5 Sibling Discount will automatically apply when 3 or more siblings register for Challenger.



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